Honey production is rooted in Moldovan traditioneven today, the rolling hills of this agricultural country are dotted with beehives tended by villagers and small-scale beekeepers.

From these traditional beginnings, a modern apiculture industry has arisen, producing some of the finest quality honey available on the European market. Indeed, the high quality of Moldovan honey is due to the artisanal nature of Moldovan honey productionsmall-scale beekeepers are able to closely monitor their hives to separate floral varieties of honey, maintain bee colony health, and to harvest honey when it is at peak quality.

Working with artisanal producers, Moldova’s honey exporters consolidate and process the product in compliance with strict health and safety standards. By working with networks of trusted beekeepers, consolidators are able to offer high-quality products and the quantities sought by international buyers.

Today, Moldova produces approximately 6000 tons of honey per year, with production growing at an estimated 3% percent per annum. An increasing number of beekeepers, consolidators, and processors have converted to organic production to meet market demand and further amplify the quality of Moldovan honey.