The Honey Exporters Association (HEA) was founded in 2019 and represents 13 honey producers, consolidators, and processors in the Republic of Moldova. The members of the association process and export about 90 percent of the honey exported from the Republic of Moldova.

The mission of HEA is to strengthen the beekeeping sector in the Republic of Moldova by identifying and developing local and export markets; supporting exporters for a regulated, transparent, and state-supported activity; and to enhance relations between exporters and beekeepers to strengthen the beekeeping sector in the Republic of Moldova.

HEA’s primary activity areas were established within the Strategic Development Plan and include:

  • Identification and development of sales channels for apiculture products.
  • Development of a base of suppliers of honey and other apiculutre products.
  • Improving the legal framework to support the apiculture sector.
  • Ensuring the organizational sustainability of HEA.

HEA members at SIAL Canada 2019

HEA services:

  • Organizing trainings, workshops, and practical sessions on various topics in line with HEA objectives.
  • Providing individual consultancy services for its members and other beneficiaries.
  • Organizing domestic and international study visits.
  • Organizing trade missions and B2B events.
  • Providing analysis and research services.