Linden honey

Linden honey produced in Moldova imparts the essence of the linden flower with a golden color and a floral flavor characteristic of Eastern European honeys. Moldovan linden honey is medium sweet, with low acidity.

Acacia honey

Moldovan acacia honey sets the standard for high quality, with water-white color and delicate flavor. The honey is made from the nectar of Robinia pseudoacacia, resists crystallization, and is light on the palate.

Poly-floral honey

Moldovan poly-floral honey is a powerhouse of flavors that reflects the multitude of blooms of the Moldovan countryside. The amber color hints of the health benefits of this blend of wildflower nectars.

Sage honey

Sage honey – is a monofloral honey collected from bees from sage flowers. It is a type of light honey with white reflection. It crystallizes fairly quickly.

Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey – is characterized by pleasant taste, less pronounced aroma. In the liquid state it is golden – light, with amber shades. The crystals are large, they crystallize very quickly, often even in the cells of the combs, because of this it’s not suitable for the wintering of bees.

Coriander honey

Coriander honey – has a creamy crystalline reddish color, is very fragrant and fragrant, is an ideal gastric bandage (due to its slightly alkaline pH) and has beneficial effects for treating ulcers and hyperacid gastritis.

May honey

May honey is generally obtained from bee harvesting from fruit trees, alfalfa, rapeseed, acacia and other spring flowers. May honey has a light reddish-yellow color and in crystallized form is a pale yellow to white. It is sweet, has a fine taste and aroma.