Tuesday July 14th, 2020/

Moldovan honey processors participated at the London Honey Awards 2020 exhibition, which takes place annually in the British capital. Within this year’s edition, two companies, members of the Honey Exporters Association of Moldova (HEA), won gold, silver and bronze medals for five varieties of local honey.

Among the award-winning products presented by HEA members are:

Gold medal
– polyfloral honey, Regina Naturii L.T.D.
Silver medal
– polyfloral honey, Vastdial & Co L.T.D..
– lavender honey, Regina Naturii L.T.D.
– sage honey, Regina Naturii L.T.D.
Bronze medal
– linden honey, Regina Naturii L.T.D.

The companies Regina Naturii L.T.D. (Costești village, Ialoveni district) and Vastdial & Co L.T.D. (Bulboaca village, Anenii Noi district) deals with the processing and export of honey.

The purpose of the London Honey Awards competitions is to inform honey-growers, honey producers, beekeepers, processors, and retailers, who distribute their standardized products legally, to preserve and to ameliorate the quality of their branded product by promoting high-quality honey products in every aspect of the spectrum of its use and consumption.

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